Order for your Halal Relatives & Friends in Australia from anywhere in the world!

Delivering Halal in Australia. Order from anywhere in the World!

Shopping for Halal groceries on behalf of your family and friends in Australia just got a whole lot easier!

Have a friend or relative in Australia, and want to send them a Halal hamper? Well, now you can from anywhere in the world! This is coupled with free shipping anywhere in Australia on orders over $100!

Halal World of Pantry offers the largest selection of Halal grocery products in Australia available online. We will ship your order anywhere in the country! All products are either Halal Certified or Halal Suitable, and we work closely with Halal agencies to ensure all items are Halal. So now you'll have a new Halalworld providing you with a truly Halal Online grocery store!

About Halal world of pantry - Halalpantry.com.au

We have a wide range of categories including Halal certified meats, spices, cereals, pasta, and confectionery. We have a total of over 50 categories. We are a small family business who noticed that there wasn't a dedicated Halal grocery website in Australia. And, in 2019 we decided to do something about it. HalalPantry was created to assist those of many Cultural Backgrounds easily locate required Halal household staples as well as products that are difficult to find and have them delivered straight to your door! We also ship our Halal products anywhere around the world so you truly now have a new Halalworld! 

Here’s how it works: You order all your groceries from the comfort of your own home. We then get right to work, packaging and sending out your order, so that you can receive the goods as swiftly as possible. 

Yes - it’s that simple to have your own new Halalworld of pantry g



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