Neck Traction Pillow Rest Cloud Support Neck Stretcher Cervical Pain Relief

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If you suffer from spinal misalignment, a stiff neck or headaches, mild TMJ issues, neck pain, or improper cervical curvature, make this orthotic pillow from Randy & Travis Machinery part of your workout and stretch routine. Using it consistently has helped many people better their posture, ease their pain, and remedy misalignment without resorting to drugs or surgery. Crafted from soft, comfortable, yet dense foam, its ergonomic contours guide your neck and upper body into the optimum position for healing and relief from tension. Its V-shaped curvature cradles your neck while massage nodes relax the muscles on both sides of your spine. Underneath, a C-shaped curvature mimics that of nature's ideal curvature, bringing your spine into harmony with the rest of your body.
It's completely safe, all-natural, and easy to use. Just lie down on your back and position your neck on the pillow. Allow gravity and the weight of your head to stretch your anterior neck muscles and upper shoulders. Next, lift your arms and place them on each side of your head to gently extend the stretch. Start with only 10 minutes per day and build up to longer periods of use. As you strengthen and stretch the muscles that support your spine, you can even flip it over and use the other side for even stronger traction. You'll find that the foam conforms to the contours of your neck, making it even more comfortable to use. Don't suffer from achy muscles and neck a moment longer. Get your posture training pillow today!

Material: Foam
Colour: Blue
Massage nodes: 6
C-curvature moulds your spine into the ideal position
V-shaped top cradles your neck
Raised massage points to relax your muscles
Use both sides for maximum benefits
Conforms to your neck over time

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1 x Neck Traction Pillow Rest Cloud Support Neck Stretcher Cervical Pain Relief



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