What's news?

What's news?

Welcome to Halal Pantry!

HalalPantry is your new one-stop shop online Halal Supermarket. Halalpantry is Australia's first and premier Halal online supermarket! Starting well before the pandemic, HalalPantry sought to create Australia's 1st Halal Online Shopping experience! Instead of focusing on expensive imported Halal foods, we sought to create a Halal Grocery where you can buy regular Australian products, without paying a premium!

We've done hundreds of hours of the hard work for you, ensuring our Halal online Grocery has only Halal Certified and Halal Suitable products!

For wholesale Halal products check out our sister website: https://www.halalwholesale.com.au/ - A massive halal supermarket online, specializing in wholesale Halal products at wholesale prices!


We have worked closely with HCA - (Halal Certification Authority) ensuring all our products are Halal Certified or at the very least Halal Suitable!
Halalpantry seeks to be an affordable online Halal supermarket as offers 'free shipping' anywhere in Australia. For more information about our shipping policy click here.

Our Favourites

Lotus Biscoff 

Lotus Biscoff- Well, we never run out, and we make sure of it! We know you love your Lotus Biscoff Spread as well as your portion controlled Lotus indiviually wrapped Biscuits for your homes and cafes, and the loose Lotus Biscoff Biscuits! HalalPantry ensures it always has ample stock of this favourite so when everyone else sells out, we've got your back! 

Currently we're offering a special for Lotus Biscoff 300 Pack Individually wrapped for just $34.63! 

Old bay Spice

Nutella - This delicious spread is available in portion control size, giant 3kg buckets as well as 1kg Piping bags

For more information please visit our About Us page.

More Info

To contact us please email us at halalpantry@gmail.com or visit our Contact Us page

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