Melinda Rice Cracker Gluten Free 125G

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Description: No Longer Do Coeliac’S And Those With Gluten Intolerance Have To Watch As Their Friends Devour Crackers Along With Their Stunning Cheese And Antipasto Platters. Finally, There Is A Gluten-Free Cracker That Can Be Enjoyed By All. Light And Crisp, The Crackers Are A Welcome Allergy-Free Alternative And Are Perfect For Catering And Entertaining. They Will Add An Air Of Sophistication Whilst Being Safe As Well. Served With Dips, Cheeses Or As A Base For Magnificent Canapés, Melinda’S Gluten-Free Crackers Add An Elegant Crunch Without Impeding On The Flavours Of Their Accompaniments. They Are The Perfect Pantry Staple For Snacking At Any Time Or For Entertaining Spontaneously Or For Special Occasions.



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