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Spc Aussie Made Fruit Salad In Juice G - The Product Consists Of Freshly Diced Pear And Peach, Grapes, Pineapple And Half Cherries. The Fruit Is Inspected And Filled Into G Cans Which Are Topped Up With Juice. Sealing And Thermal Processing Are Carried Out To Ensure Optimum Seal Integrity, Product Quality And Microbiological Stability. Ingredients: Fruit Salad (60% Min) [Diced Pears & Peaches, Grapes, Pineapple Pieces, Red Cherries (Colour 127)], Refined Fruit [Pear/Apple/Pineapple/Peach] Juice. Due To Seasonal Availability Of Ingredients, Refined Fruit Juice May Contain Any, All Or A Combination Of The Listed Refined Fruit Juice Varieties.Product May Contain Pit, Seed, Pit Fragments, Seed Fragments Or Stems.



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